Sunday, 3 January 2016

... two thousand fifteen...

The year that has brought lots of changes.

One of my wonderful friends inspired me to think about the recently passed year... What happened... How much I've changed. Who died. Who was born. Everything.

It is also about time to promise ourselves what will change in 2016. What to work on. How to improve everything. Sooo, one of my new year's resolutions is to start blogging. More. Haha.

Combining these two imputs, this article is born...!...?... :-)

Spring 2015

I properly fell in love with pastel colors. :) Discovering a new brand called Mohito - I¨ve been in love with it since! They make incredible 50s-60s-70s inspired clothes. You`ll be seeing their pieces in my outfits for sure. (Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by anyone! :D)

One experience stands out. Neuroscience. Rats. The Hippocampus. Wow.


Summer 2015

The best adventurous trip of my life - one month spent in Brazil! It was a month full of new friendships, travel and neurosurgery. Everyone finds that in their holiday journeys, isn`t that right?

Inspiration: Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo. MarĂ­lia.

This picture brings me back instantly... Wearing colors of the Brazilian flag on purpose. Haha.
No makeup on, no worries, having the time of my life. Living. Alive.
Copacabana <3
Sunset at Pao de Acucar
Cristo Redentor
Swollen face from all the traveling...
Sao Paulo jungle

Fall 2015

I managed to finish fourth medical year by acquiring scholarship. Very thankful! My mum and I took a crazy trip to London. This city revealed to us not only the traditionally amazing cultural and historical places, but we also discovered lots of Sherlock and Harry Potter filming locations.


Baker Street and a nearby park that just screamed "picnic time"!
Mommy <3
And a bit of the traditional.

Fifth year of my medical life started. This year is quite special. They almost treat us like doctors. It is weird. I love it.

Weight loss journey phase one. Run. Squat. Eat. Repeat.

Winter 2015

As my body keeps transforming, my self-image and confidence progress as well. Hmm, maybe I`ll finally find happiness. I fall in love with fashion even more. Is that even possible?

Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw. Dita von Teese. Coco Chanel. Audrey Hepburn. Princess Diana. The list goes on and on...


Christmas time is always wonderful. I hope everyone found special moments under the tree.

FYI: I got a bad case of acute laryngo-tonsillitis on the last day of 2015 so I needed to be taken to the ENT emergency. Haha, what a way to end this year, right?

- photos will be in better quality, their composition will improve
- less selfies
- fashion related posts to come
- fat-loss + muscle-gain will continue
- school stuff will get in, cause medicine is my life...

Take care everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this weird commentary of the past year or just skimming through the pictures. Life is way to precious to let it slip between our fingers so let`s save the best from the past and dream of the new and exciting !


(ehm, I tried to come up with a writer`s pseudonym and this one looks like a name of some Star Wars droid, don`t you think? I kinda like that! :D)

Friday, 10 July 2015

... inspiration.

A spur of the moment thing. For many months I thought about creating a fashion blog... Trying to answer to myself questions like: 'Do I have a unique style that will be interesting to others? Am I pretty enough to be a blogger? Is there time in my schedule for this? Am I gonna find someone to take good pictures of me?' The answer to most of these questions is 'No...' But in the end, it doesn't matter, I'm gonna try it anyway. In the middle of an evening, this blog was born. So here we are. It is an experiment. Welcome.


Here's a collection of some photos to give you an idea about my fashion choices so far.

This spring and summer are defined by pastel colours for me. No matter what the trend is. 


 Melissa shoes and a Mohito high waisted skirt make me feel fragile and innocent. Feel the elements of 50s fashion and elegance.

First flowers of spring

Labels... What are they for? They make us feel better, more important. Is it because we lack self-definition within so we hide behind these? Probably. But damn, it feels good!


On a more playful side... There's no need to be scared to admit that a person is not yet fully grown up. Sometimes I miss children's creativity, eagerness and spontaneousness. The right hemisphere needs some fun time, too!

Fashion Choice for Lady Gaga concert in Vienna 2014

 As Galadriel for the Hobbit Fan Contest 2014

Mental Health

Maybe you start to wonder... Who is this girl? Honestly, guys, I don't even know. Maybe this blog will help me find out. 
What defines me? The love of my life. Medicine!

Forced smile

Bye for now!

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. - Yoko Ono